Ring around the rosy, this collection is a pocket full of dark floral motifs and feathers in delicate, flowing fabrics. A versatile collection of dresses and separates that can transition from day to prom night with a little bit of edge and a tilt to your tiara. Vespidame was proud to present “Pos(e)y” at the 2017 […]

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Flair at the Fair

On a beautiful autumn evening model Olivia and superstar photographer Derrick Van der Kolk of Style Group put their talents into high gear for this spectacular shoot at the Rockton Fair. Styled by Yolanda Pierces.  Olivia is wearing a floral circle skirt with silk-screen art by Chris Hall of Cottage 13 Tattoo, black bustier and […]

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Love’s Secret Domain

Where is love’s secret domain? Is it hidden in the long, sensual silhouette? Is it whispering to you from an erogenous zone? It hints suggestively from the shadows. Love will capture and bind you in its secret place. A molten mix of metallics and steamy, lingerie inspired looks embody this collection to be showcased on Hamilton’s Supercrawl […]

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“Tempest in the Garden”

The Garden of Eden is the inspiration for this collection….but not the tranquil, sublime Eden we expect. Eve has just taken a bite from the forbidden fruit…storm clouds gather and darkness overcomes the garden as she reaches for something to cover herself from the tempest.

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“No S#!T Sherlock”

On a very rainy Supercrawl Saturday, Vespidame presented No S#!T Sherlock a collection of Sherlock Holmes inspired clothing.  The inspiration for this collection was “The Woman”, the character of Irene Adler who ultimately hoodwinks the great detective in the story  “A Scandal In Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Rich jewel toned fabrics and deadly […]

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Wander along a windswept beach as Vespidame presents “Sand”, a sophisticated collection of summer worthy silhouettes in hues of sand dunes and salty air for spring/summer 2015. Yolanda Pierces is the owner of Hamilton’s own Cottage 13 Tattoo and Piercing. Body piercer by day; fashion designer by night. Vespidame designs can be found exclusively at Blackbird Studios and […]

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“Oi!” Ode to a Punk Princess

This refined collection embraces key elements of DIY punk culture. With it’s own take on spikes and razorblades. “Oi!” is inspired by Hamilton’s rich punk rock music scene and the scene’s enduring influence on fashion… To ladies of all ages everywhere who are fearless enough to flaunt their edgy street style, put your fists in […]

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Cold Night

Join the beautiful Vespidame models for a wistful walk on a cold night.  This is the premier collection of corsets and clothing presented by designer Yolanda Pierces on the 2013 Supercrawl Fashion Stage. Photos courtesy of Andy Burleigh. Watch the first ever Vespidame fashion show “Cold Night” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-GMFy4AODg  

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